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1. Carry out the dosage for wet disinfection according to manufacturer’s instructions.
2. Adhere to the usage directions of equipment manufacturers of autoclaves, hot air and ultrasound.
3. Sterilize brand-new instruments before first usage.
4. Treat regularly with silicone oil, even if you have been told something different.
5. Sterilization is not a substiute for cleanliness. Instruments must be cleaned beforehand!
6. No stainless steel instrument tolerates sterilization above 240 grad celsius!
7. Excessive temperatures soften the delicate tips.
Specific characteristics are then blue discolorations.
8. The tips of the nippers don’t cut anymore, they bend apart V-shaped. This is almost always a sign of steel tempering or for a very fine nipper with too strong a nail.
Conceivable would also be defective workmanship during manufacturing, during grinding, polishing (high heat) or improper re-grinding by inexpert scissors grinders.
9. To prevent damages at the cutting edge of the nippers (as unfortunately it continually happens), in no case should one remove the cuts which are loosened with difficulty from the hand with a nipper. The considerably harder (Fräsenstahl) cutter steel immediately pinches holes into the nipper cutting edge.

Here are only 2 possibilities:

- tool holder maintenance
- preferably a pair of pliers from the tool box

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